Excerpt: Alien Lover

Excerpt: Alien Lover

Book 2: Zerconian Warriors

“Let us keep moving,” Macon ordered. “The Crown Prince would not be happy if we were late in returning you to the ship.”

The Crown Prince can kiss my chubby ass.

Three hours really wasn’t long enough when she hadn’t been able to shop in over a year. Mind you, she was amazed that Dex had let her off the ship at all. He had still insisted that she have guards. But she’d managed to negotiate him down from six to two.

At the moment, no one knew she was the mate of the Crown Prince of Zerconia and the longer it stayed that way, the better. Six guards would have been seriously overdoing it. She might as well have them carry her around on a litter like Cleopatra with a neon sign saying, “I am important, kidnap me for ransom.”

Zerconian females didn’t go anywhere without a guard. It was going to take some getting used to. A lot of things about her new life meant some huge adjustments. But it was worth it to be with Dex. Sometimes the depth of her need for him scared her. The more she touched him, tasted him, kissed him, the more she wanted. Yep, he was turning her into a greedy sex maniac.

Who could blame her? After all, he was a seven-foot-tall, sexy beast of an alien.

And he was all hers. A blessing. Sometimes a curse. He was under the mistaken impression that he was in charge and that Zoey should obey him without question.

Grasshopper had a lot to learn.

Oh, she was willing to make some compromises. She didn’t want to embarrass him and she would try her best to fit in and be what he needed.

Dex was stop-your-breath, turn-your-muscles-to-goo, fry-your-brain gorgeous. Although he had his faults, he was an honorable, loving, and protective man. He’d never abandon his family as her father had. Or clear out her bank account and run off with her next-door neighbor like her ex-fiancé.

But would he want her if there was no mating bond? When a Zerconian met their mate, a bond formed between them, enabling them to sense each other’s emotions. But the bond between Dex and Zoey had not yet fully formed. It was so weak that she worried it could be broken.

And she’d be on her own once again.