Excerpt: Alien Mine

Excerpt: Alien Mine

Book 6: Zerconian Warriors

“Believe me, I’m no hero.”

“Now that I do not believe. You do not have to do this, Lucy. I would not force you. And you would have a home here for as long as you wished, regardless.”

Could he be for real? No one was that truly generous, were they? Except Rye was. He’d rescued her when he could have walked away. Maybe Dex was as well. Maybe it was time to stop judging everyone by the lessons she’d learned in the past.

“Thanks, that means a lot.” Probably more than he knew. “But I want to help.” There was no going back now. He knew. Thor and Darac knew. The secret was out.

“My mother, my best friend, and his mate are among those we search for. I would welcome any help to find them. But I would not expect you to risk yourself. Perhaps it would be best if we kept your ability to ourselves. Rye, Zoey, Thor, Darac, Willa, and myself. Would that make you feel better?”

Air swooshed out of her lungs as her stomach truly relaxed for the first time since she’d heard the news of the attack on the Zerconian spaceship. “You would do that?”

“Of course. I consider you and the others in your village to be under my protection.” Dex leaned forward. “Rye has not told us about your past, but he did mention your gift had been exploited in the past. I promise to try never to do that. If I do, you have my permission to make your displeasure known.”

She smiled. “Thanks. I’ll do that.”

Standing, he nodded. “Good. Then you must prepare yourself. The ships were due to leave two hours ago.”

“I’m ready to go now.”

He didn’t reply, and she followed him to the door. When she stepped through the doorway, she saw Thor waiting there, along with Darac and Rye.

But let’s face it, her attention was all on the gorgeous healer.

“Lucy and I have spoken, and she has agreed, without duress, to help us track our people.”

“Good.” Darac nodded.

“But her secret will not go beyond us, other than to include Zoey and Willa. It must be impressed upon them that they cannot speak of Lucy’s abilities to others. To protect her.”

“That will have to do, I suppose,” Rye stated in a low voice.

“No. She should not be coming with us.”

She turned to gape at Thor. “Excuse me?”

“You will not come with us. That is final.”