Excerpt: Alien Sacrifice

Excerpt: Alien Sacrifice

Book 7: Zerconian Warriors

“Talking with you guys can really test my patience at times.”

Talking with him tested her patience? She had that the wrong way ‘round.

“I am not the one talking about cake when I am trying to explain to you that you put yourself at great risk for no need.” His temper bubbled inside him as he thought of how easily she could have drowned. He needed to ensure she did not take a risk like this in the future.

“No need?” She turned, her hands resting on her hips. “In case you didn’t notice, he was drowning.”

“And so were you,” he pointed out.

“I would have been fine,” she muttered. “What happened to ‘thank you, Annabel. Are you okay?’”

Was she well? She looked well enough. Except that she was shivering, making him think she was not truthful when she said she thought it was a nice night for a swim.

“You are shivering. Come out of the water.” He took a few steps, fully expecting her to follow him.

“I’m fine.”

Why was she balking? Did she not wish to get warm?

“It is dark, and the water is cool. This is not a safe time to swim. I insist you come back to shore.”

She made a low, growling noise that surprised him. “And I insist on staying in here.”

“I will carry you if I must.” It was for her own protection. He could not allow her to grow ill through her own foolishness.

“You can try.”

He reached out to touch her, and she darted back.

“Look, I can’t come out of the water, okay?”

“Why not?” Did she need him to assist her?

She sighed. “God, you’re irritating.”

He was irritating?

“If you must know, I lost my skirt while rescuing Norman and I’m now completely bare from the waist down.”

“Completely bare?” he asked before he could help himself, images of her naked body filling his mind. His shaft hardened further, painfully pressing against his tight pants. Bad enough her tight nipples were teasing him, but now he learned she was only half-clothed his arousal was going into overdrive.

“Yes. Bare.” She placed her hands on her hips. “I’m a bit behind on laundry. Figures the one time I go out without panties, I get caught out.”

“Bare,” he repeated, almost in a stupor.

She threw her hands into the air. “Yes. Naked. Unclothed. Going commando. Free-balling, only I’ve got no balls, so that doesn’t quite work.”

Before he could ask her what she was talking about, a wave hit them from behind, sending her stumbling forward. Macon, whose body mass was far greater, managed to stand his ground. He grabbed hold of her wrist, pulling her towards him.

He dragged her into his arms to steady her. Instead, she slumped against him, fainting dead away.

Shock filled him as he drew her up into his arms. He froze as he caught a look at her slim, muscular legs.

Arousal pumped through his body and he swallowed heavily. Oh, stars.