An Alien To Die For

An Alien To Die For

Book 8: Zerconian Warriors

Desperately wanting to escape her life on Earth, Alice boards a transporter set for Zerconia. The idea of a hunky Zerconian warrior of her very own is both tempting and scary. Clumsy, sweet and slightly naïve, Alice wasn’t prepared for hunky, sexy, commanding Jaxan.

Jaxan had almost lost hope of finding his mate when he rescues Alice. Almost straight away, he realizes that she is his mate. What he doesn’t anticipate is that she might want time to get to know him. But he wants to give her what she needs. She is everything to him. He will do whatever he needs to in order to make her happy.

Except Alice seems to find trouble wherever she goes. When she puts her life in danger, then all bets are off.

He wants her happy. He also wants her to be safe.

To be his.

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