Book 1: Joyadan Mates

Free after years of captivity, Elika finds this new world she now lives in difficult to understand. She doesn’t know the rules, she only has herself to rely on, and the last thing she wants is to repeat the mistakes of the past.

When she volunteers for a mission, it brings her in close quarters with sexy, grumpy, bossy Rye Sanchez. The man she cannot stop dreaming about.

Rye doesn’t trust Elika. She’s a witch. She has a sharp tongue. And he’s pretty certain she’s hiding something. He shouldn’t want her, and yet he can’t stop thinking about touching her, tasting her, loving her….

What happens when a snarky witch and a bossy, Alpha male finally give in to their desire for each other…fireworks!

Author’s note: This book is linked to my Zerconian Warrior series, but you shouldn’t have to read the other series to enjoy. There is no cliffhanger.

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