Alien Commander

Alien Commander

Book 9: Zerconian Warriors

She’s not searching for a mate, just a place to feel safe…

Sophie came to Zerconia under false pretences. She doesn’t want a mate. She has crap judgement in men. And really, what does she need a man for?

Mind-blowing orgasms? She’ll buy a vibrator.

Someone to take care of any creepy-crawlies? She’ll get a really good buy spray.
The feeling of protection and safety that comes from being held in a man’s strong arms? Okay, that might be a bit harder to find, but Sophie has never known that sort of protection before anyway. Her father abandoned her as a child, and her last boyfriend was an asshole who used her for sex.

Nope, she doesn’t need a man. Even sexy, gorgeous, oh-so-serious Toriq with his huge muscles and his careful, quiet nature.

Toriq lives in the shadow of his father’s memory. He keeps a distance from most people, especially tiny human females, knowing they must fear his size. But staying away from Sophie is more difficult than he anticipated. Particularly when she finds herself in trouble.

Protecting the tiny blonde female suddenly becomes his top priority. Even if that means protecting her from himself.

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