Excerpt: Alien Mate

Excerpt: Alien Mate

Book 3: Zerconian Warriors

Jealousy swamped her and she fought hard to suppress it, not wanting Dex to feel it through the bond. She had been working with Dex on how to keep all of her emotions and feelings from flooding him, but she still struggled a bit.

Giz cuddled in against her. There were times she swore he could sense her emotions.

Dex stepped back and the other female glanced over at Zoey with a smile. She might have intended it to be friendly, but the look in her eyes was too cold to pull it off. She said something in Zerconian and Dex looked back at Zoey.

Dex reached out and took hold of Zoey’s hand, bringing her forward.

“This is my mate, Zoey. We need to remember to speak Standard so she understands.”

“Zoey? What a delightful name.”

Ugh, that voice. She was certain a lot of people—men—found it pleasant, but it sent a shiver up Zoey’s spine.

The emphasis she’d placed on delightful indicated that she thought it was anything but. Zoey narrowed her gaze. Oh, they were so not going to get on.

“Thanks. It’s the only one I’ve got,” she said lightly. “And you are?”

“Oh, I am certain Dex must have spoken of me. I am Fedora.”

And she thought Zoey had an odd name?

“Sorry.” Zoey made certain she smiled extra sweetly. “Dex hasn’t mentioned you at all.”

Not very mature of her, but she couldn’t help herself.