Excerpt: Alien Retribution

Excerpt: Alien Retribution

Book 11: Zerconian Warriors

She sat slowly and looked around, her gaze immediately hitting a pair of dark purple eyes. Eyes that studied her so intently she felt herself immediately flush with heat.

Then she realized he wasn’t moving. She sat up as panic flooded her, her body moving sluggishly.

“Boris! Boris, are you all right?” She scrambled towards him, but her limbs weren’t working properly and she sprawled flat to the floor, her legs and arms shooting out from under her.

Now that was embarrassing.

A warm arm slid beneath her chest, brushing against her nipples, making her groan. Boris pulled her up then set onto her feet.

The man was strong. And lethal. And she wasn’t talking about his fighting skills. She looked up into his gaze, her heart racing, her body trembling, powerless to resist him. He pulled her close, wrapping his arm around her tightly.

Her breath came in hard pants. “Wh-where are Zoey and Zillion?”

She wasn’t certain if she wanted to know.

He turned and pointed at the curled body of Zoey across the far end of the room, lying under the only light.

“Oh Gods, is she all right?”

She tried to move towards her, but Boris held her back. He shook his head, placing his finger over his closed lips.

“She’s sleeping? You want me to be quiet?”

He nodded and drew them back further into a dark corner across the room.

“Of course, she’s all right, you wouldn’t leave her if she wasn’t.”

He stared down at her curiously.

She swallowed heavily. She hadn’t meant to sound so…well…jealous.

“I just meant that you take very good care of her. You must really care about her.”

He gave one short nod.

She smiled tremulously. “Must be nice to have someone care about you so much. When I had guar…” Her voice dropped off as she realized what she’d been about to say. And she had no doubt that he’d heard her.

The man missed nothing.

“I am certain that Zoey is very pleased to have you guarding her,” she added rather lamely. She’d never babbled in her life, but there was something about him, maybe it was his watchfulness or how quiet he was, that made her nervous.

Or maybe it was simply her reaction to him that put her on edge. The way her body heated, her heart racing, desire filling her.

He still held her against him and as nice as it felt, she really shouldn’t allow it to continue.

“You-you can let me go now. I promise I’m not going to fall on my face again. I cannot believe I did that.”

He just tightened his hold on her. What was going on? Did he want her next to him? She wiggled against him and he grunted. She froze. Had she hurt him?

It was only then that she became aware of the thick hardening of his shaft against her stomach. He was aroused.

By her. She had that effect on him.