Excerpt: Alien Warrior

Excerpt: Alien Warrior

Book 1: Zerconian Warriors

“Your words displease me,” he told her with a scowl, throwing her onto the mattress. Before she could dive off, he’d pushed her onto her back and was leaning over her on all fours.

“And your face displeases me,” she lied. “Get off of me, you overgrown oaf.”

“You will cease calling me names I do not understand.”

“I will? Make me!”

He leaned in and she gulped as a frisson of fear swirled up her spine. Probably not a good idea to mouth off to the overly large alien who has you trapped on his bed, Zoey.

He growled. “You are the most frustrating female I have ever met. No other female would dare to speak to a warrior in such a manner.”

“Maybe if they had, your ego wouldn’t be raging out of control.”

“It is disrespectful. As your mate, I cannot let this continue.”

“I am not your mate.”

“I will forgive you for not realizing the honor given to you by becoming my mate and for not thanking me for the pleasure I am going to gift you, as you are unaware of our ways. But once you have had your schooling back on Zerconia, I shall expect you to be an obedient and grateful mate. You will obey me in all things.”

“Good luck with that, buddy. Jesus, Scotty, beam me up already!” she moaned. The heat from his body was wreaking havoc with her control. Her hands itched with the need to touch him. This was so wrong. So wrong. Was it possible to have Stockholm syndrome after being in your kidnapper’s presence for less than an hour?

“My mate will not talk in riddles. She will not talk about things I do not understand. She will not continue to yell and fight me. And she will certainly not do anything to place herself at harm or risk herself in any way.”

“And where is this paragon?”

He looked confused. “What?”

“Where is this mate of yours? Because she sure isn’t me. Listen up. I am not someone you want for a mate. You obviously want someone submissive and obedient. I don’t have an obedient bone in my body. I am never going to jump every time you snap your fingers. So why don’t we just forget the last hour ever happened, hmm? Just take me back outside and I’ll be on my way. Then you can go find some nice Zerconian woman who will be, I’m sure, truly grateful for the pleasure you can give her.”

But I want that pleasure.

She tried to ignore the voice in her head.

His gaze narrowed. “Why would I give you up? I have been searching for you for over sixty years, ever since I reached manhood. There is only one soul mate for each Zerconian. Sometimes they never find the other half of them and eventually go mad with loneliness. And you expect me to let you leave? To allow you to return to your people when they placed you in danger? Who had so little care for your safety?”

Oh hell, when he put it like that …

“I would stand in front of any danger to protect you. I would shelter you with my dying body, were it necessary. Your every need, I will fulfill. Your every wish becomes my desire. I will live for you, because of you.”

Wow. She watched him, riveted. It was like a scene from a movie. Only she was living it.

“I will never let you go.”