Excerpt: All I Want for Christmas Is My Alien

Excerpt: All I Want for Christmas Is My Alien

Book 6.5: Zerconian Warriors

The sudden blaring of the warning siren made him sit up in a hurry, all thoughts of Zerconia and Sophie fleeing.

“Computer, what’s wrong?” he asked urgently.

“Malfunction. Losing power rapidly.”

“What? What sort of fucking malfunction? I paid good money for this heap of metal, there shouldn’t be a goddamn malfunction.”

Unless that bastard, Rufus, ripped him off. This is what he got for buying a ship in a hurry. He hadn’t done a proper background check on the idiot he’d bought this ship from. He’d been too eager to get away from Zerconia to spare the time.

“Can’t you fix whatever the fuck is wrong?”

“Negative.” It rattled off all this shit he didn’t understand.

“Computer, what is the solution?” he interrupted its spiel.

“We must land. Immediately.” A 3D map appeared in front of him. “There are three planets we can reach. But only Tiran can sustain your lifeform. Do you wish to head there?”

“No, let’s go to one of the other planets,” he said with heavy sarcasm.

“Which one?”

He sighed. “That was sarcasm. Head towards Tiran.”

“Affirmative,” the mechanical voice told him.

The ship shuddered and dipped to the right. He had to grab hold of the desk to remain standing. Were they even going to make it?

“Computer, connect me to Logan.”

“Rich?” Logan’s deep voice came through the speakers just as the ship shook again. Logan had worked for him for years. He was a security specialist and a damn good investigator. Thanks to him and his team Rich now had evidence that High-Councillor Duncan had been embezzling funds for years.

Rich gritted his teeth, feeling his tension rise. This was not what he needed. “Logan, I may not have much time. My ship has a malfunction; we’re about to crash land on Tiran.” He quickly gave the coordinates.

“Got it. It’s going to take us at least five days to reach you. Probably more like a week.”

“Understood,” he said grimly. “Just get here as quickly as you can.”

“Keep—” The communication broke off.

“Computer?” he queried.

“All power has been diverted to the engine. Brace yourself for impact.”