Excerpt: An Alien To Die For

Excerpt: An Alien To Die For

Book 8: Zerconian Warriors

He looked around at the other warriors, who looked tense and angry. Sitting around and waiting wasn’t easy for a warrior. Zerconian males tended to be physical. They liked action. But for now, they had to wait.

Because this ship wasn’t fully armed, they’d have to use stealth rather than outright force. Two of their warships were following, but they were more than twenty-four hours behind them. Que was commander for one of those ships, Alek was commander of the other. Toriq had requested to be on this ship. While most females feared him because of his size, Toriq would lay down his life to protect a female.

Along with Jaxan and Toriq, there were twenty other Zerconian warriors aboard, including Macon. An argument had erupted when Rich and Annabel had insisted on joining them. Macon had refused to even contemplate the idea of his mate joining them. And he hadn’t wanted Rich to come either.

Rich had put an end to that when he’d pointed out that he was the only one with access to the tracking software, and that Alice was his responsibility. It had taken longer for Annabel to change Macon’s mind. Jaxan knew he still wasn’t pleased she was coming with them, but when Empress Zoey and Mila supported her, Macon must have realized he was fighting a losing battle.

Annabel walked in and sat next to Rich, glaring at Macon who stood at the head of the table. He had taken command of this ship.

“She should not be here,” Toriq muttered. “What was Macon thinking?”

“I imagine he was thinking that he wanted to keep his shaft attached to his body,” Safan muttered from Toriq’s other side. “That female is fierce. Do not worry. I believe she can take care of herself.”

“She is still a female,” Toriq replied stubbornly.

“We are making good time,” Macon said suddenly, staring around at everyone as they quieted. Everyone except for the pilot was gathered for this meeting, even Racar, their healer. “The tracking signal is moving in this direction.” He pointed at the holographic map. “However, it is moving slowly. It should take us less than twenty-four hours to reach the ship.”

“What then?” Safan asked. “We are in no position to attack without back-up. Particularly if this is a large warship.”

“We will gather what intelligence we can about who we are up against. Our warships are not far behind us. We will wait for them to make a move.”

“And if we can’t wait for them?” Rich asked. “Who knows what is happening to Alice?”

Jaxan felt that fear himself. He didn’t know this female, but he could only imagine how terrified she was right now, how lost and alone she probably felt.

Macon turned to him. “Nobody likes waiting, Rich, but we have to see what we are up against and formulate a plan. We will find Alice and the other females.”

We are coming, little female. Just hang on.