Excerpt: Sweet Alien Savage

Excerpt: Sweet Alien Savage

Book 4: Zerconian Warriors

Humans were an inferior race.

Some individuals perhaps possessed redeeming factors, such as Zoey. She was courageous. Smart in some ways—although common sense wasn’t her strong point. However, humans were physically weak, they allowed emotions to guide them and often engaged in irrational behavior that baffled him.

But right now, he had to push those thoughts aside and focus on the mission. To find who had made and distributed that vid. He also needed to figure out how to be charming.

Inwardly, he grimaced. He would rather fight a hundred Coizil warriors than act charming.

At least this investigation would only take a day. Two at the most.

Koran studied his surroundings as he strode down the ramp towards the welcoming party. Zazarn was a small planet and much of the surface was covered in jungle. It was humid, although not as hot as Zerconia.

The Zazarn High Chief bounced up and down as he waited. Next to the High Chief stood his mate. It was hard to tell the difference between male and female Zazarns, but females tended to be taller, and they had a third, tiny nostril.

Beside them stood two human females. One stood straight and tall, the other almost slouched as she stood behind the taller female. As though she wished she were anywhere other than here.

Koran could relate.

Koran greeted the ruling pair first. They spoke a few words in Standard, before making their excuses. He probably wouldn’t see them again as they weren’t much for socializing.

That left him with the humans. He turned to the blonde human female. She might be considered attractive. Her black garment hugged her curves, highlighting her small waist. Humans seemed to find such things important. He didn’t understand why they placed so much importance on appearance. What did someone’s appearance have to do with their worth?

Someone could be beautiful on the outside and evil underneath.

Like he said, humans were strange creatures.

Still, he could appreciate that this woman’s hair was shiny and clean. Her skin was smooth, and her features were pleasantly symmetrical. Eyes not too far apart, nose not too long, ears not too large.

“Hello, you must be Koran Al’a.” The female held out her hand. He took it, aware of the human custom of shaking hands. Zoey had given them all a quick briefing about human customs before they had departed.

“I am Ambassador Thorn. But you may call me Aline.” She smiled up at him.

Koran frowned as a hint of arousal drifted through his body. Was he attracted to this female? He stared down at her, puzzled. Trying to regain his focus, he turned his attention to the female standing behind the Ambassador.


The smaller female jumped, staring at him with wide eyes, her mouth slightly open. She seemed timid. Shy. Certainly rather unmemorable with her plain brown hair and oversized clothing. And she was so pale he wondered if she were about to faint.

Stars. He’d only been here a few minutes, and already he was scaring females silly. She was so terrified she could not even speak.

The Ambassador cleared her throat, calling his attention back to her before she grabbed his arm. “Don’t worry about Mila. She’s timid. But she’s a good assistant.”

Was she? When she couldn’t even manage a simple hello? When just the sight of him seemed to terrify her? Was she one of those silly females who believed that vid?

Would all the humans react like this?